"When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself."​ JY Cousteau.

When I first became a scuba diving instructor, I did not understand well neither the value nor the potential of such a profession and I was doing it just because it was giving me a lot of personal satisfaction. But after more than 10 years I became more aware of why I am so in love with what I do: I discovered that my satisfaction is the result of being able to change people's life, introduce them to a whole new world, give them the opportunity to experience new feelings and allow them to fly.

My vision of Bubbles is to be the perfect framework that would allow me to transfer my passion at its best to as many fortunate people as possible. And I believe, with the help of many great enthusiastic friends, we have done a great job.

George Assaf,
Founder of Bubbles CD

About Us

Bubbles – Club for Divers is a scuba diving and marine activities club in the region of Byblos (Jbeil), Lebanon. It is located at Plage des Rois Resort on Qartaboun sandy beach and its activities span all along the Lebanese coast and even beyond the Lebanese borders. With Bubbles CD you can learn, dive and enjoy the beauties of the sea world.
Bubbles CD is affiliated with SSI (Scuba Schools International) and is sponsored by Samir Sport Est.

Mission Statement

We strive to create responsible and comfortable divers from the entry levels to the highest professional levels.

Vision Statement

We seek professionalism to cater for the needs of all divers and all potential divers.

Core Values

Our divers deserve the best service we can offer and each diver is unique.
Our dive center reflects a safe, friendly and professional framework.
Our teachings and practices advocate care and respect for the environment.

SSI (Scuba Schools International)

SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL GREW OUT OF THE PASSION OF A FEW AVID DIVERS WHO WERE INTENT ON MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO LEARN HOW TO SCUBA DIVE. For more than 45 years, SSI has provided training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world. Started in 1970, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centers, is represented in more than 110 countries with over 2,800 International locations, and has materials printed in more than 30 languages. SSI is the name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology. SSI is clearly the name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology.