Mares XR Stage SPG

USD 150.00



High accuracy and reliability with the Instrument SPG52! Available for reading in bar, it can be used with both air and pure oxygen.

  • Mares XR Pressure Gauge
  • Designed for Technical Divers and Top Quality Regulator Systems
  • Double Chrome, Mirror-Plated Case Treatment
  • Treatment Assures Best Look and Maximum Protection from Corrosion
  • Brass Housing w/Tempered Glass Lens, Extreme Durability
  • Case: Double Welded Design
  • Copper Beryllium Bourdon Tube Mechanism
  • Mechanism: Never Goes Out of Calibration, Even w/Hard Knocks
  • Greatest Degree of Accuracy and Reliability
  • Preferred for its Simplicity by Technical Divers Following DIR Training Philosophy
  • 6" (15.25 cm) Miflex4 7/16" Threaded Hose
  • Air or 100% Oxygen (oxy clean)
  • Certified According to EN 250
  • Gauge Diameter: 2" (52mm)
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Readout: 0 to 360 bars
  • Readout Color Coded:
    Easy at a Glance ReadabilityRed Background from 0 to 50 bars
    White Background from 50 to 200 bars
    Blue Backg


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